Why EuroWindows?

Traditionally thermally insulated windows had little importance in NZ home building. The absence of thermally efficient windows is a major cause of heat loss in a house.

What makes a real difference between NZ traditional Aluminium joinery and EuroWindows:

  • To ensure comfort and more stable temperatures inside (both winter and summer) EuroWindows are insulated to a high level. The standard Aluminium windows act as a heat sink due to its high thermal conductivity. The performance of thermally broken Aluminium windows is still nowhere near as good as EuroWindows.
  • EuroWindows come with multipoint locking, secure and adjustable hardware. Traditional Aluminium windows tend to jamb as soon as the structure of the house moves slightly. The hardware is often weak.
  • EuroWindows are operated with one strong handle per opening window. It is comfortable to operate. Alu windows come with latches which are more like toys and often very inconvenient to operate.
  • EuroWindows offer great security with multipoint locking hardware. The glazing beads are always inside to make it impossible to remove the glass from the outside. Plus that also makes the glass replacement easy if the need arrises. Aluminium windows are much easier to get in for burglars due to external glazing beads and weak hardware. Also with external glazing beads glass replacement can be quite costly in multistory buildings.

“The colour durability of the acrylcolor range is outstanding. Even with dark colours there is almost no fading noticable after many years of exposure to the elements.”
  • EuroWindows have welded corners and there are no condensation issues in the cavity. Therefore the windows/doors can be installed with a fully insulated perimeter for thermal efficiency and airtightness. The best thermally insulated window does not perform well if the joint between the joinery and the wall is not properly sealed. Being mechanically joint, Alu windows can leak on the corners and can have condensation issues in the perimeter cavity. Due to this fact, the Aluminium windows are restricted to the E2 AS1 installation solution. The need for a vented cavity in E2 ES1 significantly limits the thermal insulation of the window perimeter.
  • At EuroWindows we always put great importance on visual appearance but never compromising thermal performance, security, air tightness, ease of operation and durability.
  • EuroWindows tilt & turn offer good ventilation with the tilt function and can be fully opened at the same time. This gives the possibility of unobstructed views to the outside, easy escape in case of emergency and easy cleaning. Most types of NZ Alu windows can not be opened without obstructing the view. Equipped with restrictor stays they can become a deadly trap in case of emergency such as fire.
  • Inwards opening EuroWindows allow many options for the installation of exterior shutters and shading. Exterior shading is by far more efficient keeping the house cool. In cold areas or in winter exterior shutters also offer an additional thermal layer and naturally more security. Traditional NZ Alu awning or casement windows can be opened outwards only, therefore allowing no exterior shading or shutter options. Internal shading is less efficient in stopping the house from overheating in summer.
  • EuroWindows can be equipped with external insect screens and the windows can be opened and shut without removing the screens. Aluminium windows always need to have screens on the inside which have to be removed each time the window is operated.
“The colour durability of the acrylcolor range is outstanding. Even with dark colours there is almost no fading noticable after many years of exposure to the elements.”