About EuroWindows

EuroWindows Ltd was established in January 2005 by Manfred and Gayaneh Daiber. Manfred has been involved in joinery business in his home country Germany before immigrating to New Zealand. Being grown up with double and triple glazed windows/doors and knowing all the benefits of it, Manfred felt that the common aluminium windows are not up to the demands of the ever changing weather in New Zealand and using European designed joinery will help to improve New Zealand homes by making them more energy efficient, warmer, healthier and most importantly more comfortable to live in.

Since 2005 we have served the whole country from our Thames (Coromandel) factory and supplied our windows/doors to customers from Whangarei to Wanaka.

The philosophy behind our joinery is thermal efficiency, easy operation, security and pleasant appearance. With ever raising energy costs and the increasing desire for warm and comfortable homes without spending a fortune for heating and cooling plus the need for much better security, European designed joinery is becoming very popular in New Zealand.

Although EuroWindows is a very small operation yet EuroWindows is one of the key players in a radical new approach taken to joinery in New Zealand which will technically help to dramatically lift the product and performance standards in the joinery industry and bring years of dominance by poorly performing aluminium joinery to an end.

It is quite a large step from the energy wasting and crying single glazed aluminium window with absolutely zero thermal insulation to thermally efficient double or triple glazed windows with easy to operate multi point locking hardware.

Our system provider GEALAN (Germany) is one of the world leading and innovative extruders. Together with some of the world leading hardware manufacturers and local glass manufacturers they provide us long term proven 21st century joinery technology to make this step of many years forward with the blink of an eye.

“Designed in Europe, proudly manufactured in New Zealand”